TWU 556 is proud to offer its members Critical Illness from UNUM Insurance.

How will you pay for what your health insurance won’t?

Even those of us who plan for the unexpected with life, disability and medical insurance may discover that some expenses can still remain unpaid. Without adequate protection, sufferers of critical illnesses might have to pull from their savings or rely on other financial sources in their time of need. This plan includes a recurrent benefit that will pay an additional amount if you have a second occurence of benign brain tumor, heart attack, coma or stroke - as long as 12 months have passed between the two diagnosis.

Covered Critical Illness:

  • Heart attack

  • Blindness

  • Major organ failure

  • End-stage kidney failure

  • Benign brain tumor

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (pays 25% of lump sum benefit)

  • Coma that lasts at least 14 consecutive days

  • Stroke whose effects are confirmed at least 30 days after the event

  • Occupational HIV

  • Permanent paralysis of at least two limbs due to a covered accident

Coverage is also included for:

  • Cancer

  • Carcinoma in situ pays 25% of your coverage amount​

Wellness benefit of $100 - paid once a year for each family member that is covered under the plan.

Critical Illness With Cancer Insurance Brochure
Wellness Benefit
Critical Illness with Cancer Insurance Policy

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