TWU 556 is proud to offer is members a hospital indemnity plan from 5Star Insurance.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan provides you with additional out-of-pocket protection for services including hospital indemnity and emergency room visits. Benefits for these types of services help you offset the larger financial exposures of your health insurance plan including deductibles and co-insurance.

Why is this coverage so valuable?

  • Wellness Benefit:  This benefit pays $50 per year per covered insured.

  • Outpatient benefits

  • Diagnostic benefits

  • Two plans available: High Plan and Low Plan. Pick what fits you best.

​Outpatient vs Wellness benefits:

In order for a benefit to be paid under Tier 1 outpatient benefit and not under a wellness benefit (colonoscopy for example) the procedure would need to be performed relative to a covered accident or sickness rather than just part of a routine physical or annual wellness exam. Please check the brochures and definitions carefully.

Claims filings are just a phone call or touch away. No more hassle with paperwork!

Healthcare Indemnity Brochure Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance Certificate

Call 1-866-863-9753 to check the status of your claim or file your wellness benefits over the phone

Hospital Indemnity Claim Form


Questions? Contact us at 1-800-768-6219